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Dr. Wilfred A. Cassell started collecting inkblot images in 1959 and after a rigorous field testing data, the first form of Somatic Inkblot Series-I (20 Cards Set) was made available for common use in 1980. After the success achieved with this new inkblot technique, he developed a second form of the Series SIS-II (62 images Booklet Version) for self-administration by the end of 1980. The third form of the Series SIS-Video came into existence in 1984 as a innovative Video technique. This is the first Video of 20 cards SIS-I (1992) and the fifth form of SIS-Living Images developed in 1993, specially for females who have undergone traumatic sex experiences. Except SIS-I cards set, all four tests in the series can be taken as self-administered tests under supervised instructions.

The Somatic Inkblot Society was founded in 1991 in Anchorage Alaska and got registered on 5th November, 1993 (Regd. No. 2221). The main objectives of the society are given below:

1. To promote teaching, research and practice of SIS test.
2. To extend the use of the SIS test to the field of mental health, personality assessment and related areas.
3. To organize symposia, seminars, conferences and exhibitions in order to acquaint people of the facts and scientific principles of mental health.
4. To cooperate and collaborate with national and international agencies in the area of projective psychology.
5. To prepare and publish papers, periodicals, pamphlets etc., in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the society.

The following are the founder members of the Somatic Inkblot Society:
Dr. Wilfred A. Cassell, Dr. B. L. Dubey, Dr. S. K. Verma, Dr. M. Sahay, Dr. Nalini Mishra, Dr. Mridula Mishra, Mrs. Padma Dwivedi.

The SIS Society has members on its rolls belonging to different countries and professions such as Clinical Psychology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Work, Personnel Management, Pastoral Counseling, and Mental Health.

The official Journal of the Society, "SIS Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health" got registered on 13th November, 1993 with ISSN # 0971 6610. It is published in English twice a year (January and July) by the Somatic Inkblot Society and is devoted to the advancement of research in the areas of projective psychology, and personality assessment psychotherapy and mental health. The Journal is broadly concerned with the development of inkblot tests. It aims to reach clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, pediatrics, neurologists, social workers, medical professionals and business executive interested int eh understanding and modification of human behavior.

The first issue was released in July, 1994 and since then it is published regularly (1994-2013). The editorial board is constituted of Editors Emeritus (Wilfred A.Cassell, Bankey L.Dubey and A.R.Singh) Editor in Chief (Rakesh Pandey),  Editors (Silvia Daini, Anand Dubey, L.S.S.Manickam, Nilanjana Sanyal and M.P.Singh) and about 32 Editorial consultants from various countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Italy, India, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Brazil and Greece Etc.

We invite you to join the SIS Society.

SOMATIC INKBLOT SOCIETY is an International non-profit organisation (Tax relief for donation in USA & India) helping through SOMATIC INKBLOT SERIES TEST (SIS). The SIS is a projective diagnostic test and an adjunct to Psychotherapy. It helps in hearing the inner cry of the suffering individuals which is difficult to know through other tests.

The Somatic Inkblot society is publishing its Journal JOURNAL OF PROJECTIVE PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH a half yearly publication in January and July. It has 2 Awards of $ 200/- each employing the use of Inkblot Tests (SIS with any other projective tests).

For details please contact :

Dr. Wilfred A. Cassell, M.D., FAPA, FSIS, Director, Somatic Inkblot Center and Editor Journal of Projective Psychology and Mental Health
Web Site:http : //
Dr.B.L.Dubey, Ph.D., DPM, FSIS,
Editor in Chief, SIS Journal of Projective Psychology & Mental Health,Director SIS Center India
4406 Forest Road, Anchorage, AK 99517 (USA)